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893. Thoughts on the eve of my 29th birthday

Existence is a wonderful thing to cherish. Life is awe inspiring, and the day it all began for every individual is indeed special. Nevertheless, the celebration of the gift of life given to you by God needn't be a yearly event. Every breath you take, and every moment gifted to you, is worth commemoration. It has been narrated that the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) would prostrate every time he woke up from sleep, thanking God for the gift of life. Life is valuable, every second of it. For me, the rotation of the Earth for 365 days does not provide any added value to the miracle of my existence.

I guess in my ideal framework, I would wish for people to come together for more meaningful reasons, not just the passage of a conventional amount of time. Think about it. Birthdays are ubiquitous. You need not have done anything special to get a day when everyone's attention shifts to you. It is a perfect celebratory event for the masses. But surly a spiritual and enlightened society would strive to commemorate things of higher value.

But with all that said, it would be dishonest of me not to admit that my surprise birthday party last year felt great. On a positive note, birthdays are an excuse people use to come together and express their love for another. I, just like any average Joe, feel warm and nice inside when people wish me a 'happy birthday'. I guess it is human nature to love being appreciated, regardless of the reason behind the appreciation.  So to all of you who will be congratulating me tomorrow: thank you.

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